The VulkanSceneGraph project is composed of main VulkanSceneGraph library and a series of additional projects that provide further capabilities.

Main repositories hosted on vsg-dev

The three main reposititories that most users will use are VulkanSceneGraph, vsgXchange and vsgExamples.

  • VulkanSceneGraph : the main scene graph library
  • vsgXchange Provides load a range of 3rd party image and 3d model files, and http/https support
  • vsgExamples Collection of exmaple programs that are to test VSG features and illustrate how they are used.

Secondary repositories hosted on vsg-dev

The following repositories are part of the VulkanScenGraph project provide more specialist functionality.

  • MyFirstVsgApplication simple standalone application that can be used as a template for your own applications.
  • vsgQt Qt5/6 integration
  • vsgImGui ImGui + ImPlot integrastion
  • osg2vsg OpenSceneGraph integration
  • vsgFramework Framework project that uses CMake to compiles a suite of projects associated with VulkanScenegraph

Community projects

The wider VulkanSceneGraph community have published libraries and applications