C++ Core Guidelines etc.

Best Practices

Package managers

Documentation tools

Runtime analysis tools

Video presentations


Vulkan Presentations

Vulkan based projects


Image and 3D model loaders

  • Assimp 3D models loading
  • GLI Loading/manipulating images/textures
  • STB stb_image.h etc.
  • DevIL DevIL image library, repo
  • FreeImage FreeImage image library (GPLv2/GPLv3/FreeImage License), repo


3rd party scene graphs

  • Paul Martz’s JAG
  • Jeremy Moles’ Heirograph scene graph (need reference)

Suggestions in osg-users ML/forum post from Paweł Księżopolski

Vulkan specification is the most comprehensive source of knowledge about the API - it’s long but it is a must for any developer taking it seriously :

As for the books I recommend “Vulkan Programming Guide” written by Graham Sellers. Sometime ago it was even available for free in certain countries on Google Play bookstore :

Active forums discussing Vulkan include Khronos forums :

and Vulkan subreddit :

Sascha Willems wrote a good set of Vulkan demos, that show how to implement certain features :

Vulkan Compute examples:

There’s also a curated list of useful links to everything associated with Vulkan :