vsgImGui  0.0.0
VulkanSceneGraph 3rd party data integration library
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ImGuiIO Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

IMGUI_API void AddKeyEvent (ImGuiKey key, bool down)
IMGUI_API void AddKeyAnalogEvent (ImGuiKey key, bool down, float v)
IMGUI_API void AddMousePosEvent (float x, float y)
IMGUI_API void AddMouseButtonEvent (int button, bool down)
IMGUI_API void AddMouseWheelEvent (float wh_x, float wh_y)
IMGUI_API void AddFocusEvent (bool focused)
IMGUI_API void AddInputCharacter (unsigned int c)
IMGUI_API void AddInputCharacterUTF16 (ImWchar16 c)
IMGUI_API void AddInputCharactersUTF8 (const char *str)
IMGUI_API void SetKeyEventNativeData (ImGuiKey key, int native_keycode, int native_scancode, int native_legacy_index=-1)
IMGUI_API void SetAppAcceptingEvents (bool accepting_events)
IMGUI_API void ClearInputCharacters ()
IMGUI_API void ClearInputKeys ()

Public Attributes

ImGuiConfigFlags ConfigFlags
ImGuiBackendFlags BackendFlags
ImVec2 DisplaySize
float DeltaTime
float IniSavingRate
const char * IniFilename
const char * LogFilename
float MouseDoubleClickTime
float MouseDoubleClickMaxDist
float MouseDragThreshold
float KeyRepeatDelay
float KeyRepeatRate
float HoverDelayNormal
float HoverDelayShort
void * UserData
float FontGlobalScale
bool FontAllowUserScaling
ImVec2 DisplayFramebufferScale
bool MouseDrawCursor
bool ConfigMacOSXBehaviors
bool ConfigInputTrickleEventQueue
bool ConfigInputTextCursorBlink
bool ConfigInputTextEnterKeepActive
bool ConfigDragClickToInputText
bool ConfigWindowsResizeFromEdges
bool ConfigWindowsMoveFromTitleBarOnly
float ConfigMemoryCompactTimer
const char * BackendPlatformName
const char * BackendRendererName
void * BackendPlatformUserData
void * BackendRendererUserData
void * BackendLanguageUserData
const char *(* GetClipboardTextFn )(void *user_data)
void(* SetClipboardTextFn )(void *user_data, const char *text)
void * ClipboardUserData
void(* SetPlatformImeDataFn )(ImGuiViewport *viewport, ImGuiPlatformImeData *data)
void * ImeWindowHandle
bool WantCaptureMouse
bool WantCaptureKeyboard
bool WantTextInput
bool WantSetMousePos
bool WantSaveIniSettings
bool NavActive
bool NavVisible
float Framerate
int MetricsRenderVertices
int MetricsRenderIndices
int MetricsRenderWindows
int MetricsActiveWindows
int MetricsActiveAllocations
ImVec2 MouseDelta
int KeyMap [ImGuiKey_COUNT]
bool KeysDown [ImGuiKey_COUNT]
float NavInputs [ImGuiNavInput_COUNT]
ImVec2 MousePos
bool MouseDown [5]
float MouseWheel
float MouseWheelH
bool KeyCtrl
bool KeyShift
bool KeyAlt
bool KeySuper
ImGuiKeyChord KeyMods
ImGuiKeyData KeysData [ImGuiKey_KeysData_SIZE]
bool WantCaptureMouseUnlessPopupClose
ImVec2 MousePosPrev
ImVec2 MouseClickedPos [5]
double MouseClickedTime [5]
bool MouseClicked [5]
bool MouseDoubleClicked [5]
ImU16 MouseClickedCount [5]
ImU16 MouseClickedLastCount [5]
bool MouseReleased [5]
bool MouseDownOwned [5]
bool MouseDownOwnedUnlessPopupClose [5]
float MouseDownDuration [5]
float MouseDownDurationPrev [5]
float MouseDragMaxDistanceSqr [5]
float PenPressure
bool AppFocusLost
bool AppAcceptingEvents
ImS8 BackendUsingLegacyKeyArrays
bool BackendUsingLegacyNavInputArray
ImWchar16 InputQueueSurrogate
ImVector< ImWchar > InputQueueCharacters

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