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ImFont Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

IMGUI_API const ImFontGlyphFindGlyph (ImWchar c) const
IMGUI_API const ImFontGlyphFindGlyphNoFallback (ImWchar c) const
float GetCharAdvance (ImWchar c) const
bool IsLoaded () const
const char * GetDebugName () const
IMGUI_API ImVec2 CalcTextSizeA (float size, float max_width, float wrap_width, const char *text_begin, const char *text_end=NULL, const char **remaining=NULL) const
IMGUI_API const char * CalcWordWrapPositionA (float scale, const char *text, const char *text_end, float wrap_width) const
IMGUI_API void RenderChar (ImDrawList *draw_list, float size, const ImVec2 &pos, ImU32 col, ImWchar c) const
IMGUI_API void RenderText (ImDrawList *draw_list, float size, const ImVec2 &pos, ImU32 col, const ImVec4 &clip_rect, const char *text_begin, const char *text_end, float wrap_width=0.0f, bool cpu_fine_clip=false) const
IMGUI_API void BuildLookupTable ()
IMGUI_API void ClearOutputData ()
IMGUI_API void GrowIndex (int new_size)
IMGUI_API void AddGlyph (const ImFontConfig *src_cfg, ImWchar c, float x0, float y0, float x1, float y1, float u0, float v0, float u1, float v1, float advance_x)
IMGUI_API void AddRemapChar (ImWchar dst, ImWchar src, bool overwrite_dst=true)
IMGUI_API void SetGlyphVisible (ImWchar c, bool visible)
IMGUI_API bool IsGlyphRangeUnused (unsigned int c_begin, unsigned int c_last)

Public Attributes

ImVector< float > IndexAdvanceX
float FallbackAdvanceX
float FontSize
ImVector< ImWchar > IndexLookup
ImVector< ImFontGlyphGlyphs
const ImFontGlyphFallbackGlyph
const ImFontConfigConfigData
short ConfigDataCount
ImWchar FallbackChar
ImWchar EllipsisChar
ImWchar DotChar
bool DirtyLookupTables
float Scale
float Ascent
float Descent
int MetricsTotalSurface
ImU8 Used4kPagesMap [(IM_UNICODE_CODEPOINT_MAX+1)/4096/8]

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