vsgImGui  0.0.0
VulkanSceneGraph 3rd party data integration library
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ImVector< T > Struct Template Reference

Public Types

typedef T value_type
typedef value_type * iterator
typedef const value_type * const_iterator

Public Member Functions

 ImVector (const ImVector< T > &src)
ImVector< T > & operator= (const ImVector< T > &src)
void clear ()
void clear_delete ()
void clear_destruct ()
bool empty () const
int size () const
int size_in_bytes () const
int max_size () const
int capacity () const
T & operator[] (int i)
const T & operator[] (int i) const
T * begin ()
const T * begin () const
T * end ()
const T * end () const
T & front ()
const T & front () const
T & back ()
const T & back () const
void swap (ImVector< T > &rhs)
int _grow_capacity (int sz) const
void resize (int new_size)
void resize (int new_size, const T &v)
void shrink (int new_size)
void reserve (int new_capacity)
void reserve_discard (int new_capacity)
void push_back (const T &v)
void pop_back ()
void push_front (const T &v)
T * erase (const T *it)
T * erase (const T *it, const T *it_last)
T * erase_unsorted (const T *it)
T * insert (const T *it, const T &v)
bool contains (const T &v) const
T * find (const T &v)
const T * find (const T &v) const
bool find_erase (const T &v)
bool find_erase_unsorted (const T &v)
int index_from_ptr (const T *it) const

Public Attributes

int Size
int Capacity
T * Data

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