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VulkanSceneGraph 3rd party data integration library
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ImPlotAxis Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

void Reset ()
bool SetMin (double _min, bool force=false)
bool SetMax (double _max, bool force=false)
void SetRange (double v1, double v2)
void SetRange (const ImPlotRange &range)
void SetAspect (double unit_per_pix)
float PixelSize () const
double GetAspect () const
void Constrain ()
void UpdateTransformCache ()
float PlotToPixels (double plt) const
double PixelsToPlot (float pix) const
void ExtendFit (double v)
void ExtendFitWith (ImPlotAxis &alt, double v, double v_alt)
void ApplyFit (float padding)
bool HasLabel () const
bool HasGridLines () const
bool HasTickLabels () const
bool HasTickMarks () const
bool WillRender () const
bool IsOpposite () const
bool IsInverted () const
bool IsForeground () const
bool IsAutoFitting () const
bool CanInitFit () const
bool IsRangeLocked () const
bool IsLockedMin () const
bool IsLockedMax () const
bool IsLocked () const
bool IsInputLockedMin () const
bool IsInputLockedMax () const
bool IsInputLocked () const
bool HasMenus () const
bool IsPanLocked (bool increasing)
void PushLinks ()
void PullLinks ()

Public Attributes

ImPlotAxisFlags Flags
ImPlotAxisFlags PreviousFlags
ImPlotRange Range
ImPlotCond RangeCond
ImPlotScale Scale
ImPlotRange FitExtents
ImPlotRange ConstraintRange
ImPlotRange ConstraintZoom
ImPlotTicker Ticker
ImPlotFormatter Formatter
void * FormatterData
char FormatSpec [16]
ImPlotLocator Locator
double * LinkedMin
double * LinkedMax
int PickerLevel
ImPlotTime PickerTimeMin
ImPlotTime PickerTimeMax
ImPlotTransform TransformForward
ImPlotTransform TransformInverse
void * TransformData
float PixelMin
float PixelMax
double ScaleMin
double ScaleMax
double ScaleToPixel
float Datum1
float Datum2
ImRect HoverRect
int LabelOffset
ImU32 ColorMaj
ImU32 ColorMin
ImU32 ColorTick
ImU32 ColorTxt
ImU32 ColorBg
ImU32 ColorHov
ImU32 ColorAct
ImU32 ColorHiLi
bool Enabled
bool Vertical
bool FitThisFrame
bool HasRange
bool HasFormatSpec
bool ShowDefaultTicks
bool Hovered
bool Held

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