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ImGuiStorage Struct Reference
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struct  ImGuiStoragePair

Public Member Functions

void Clear ()
IMGUI_API int GetInt (ImGuiID key, int default_val=0) const
IMGUI_API void SetInt (ImGuiID key, int val)
IMGUI_API bool GetBool (ImGuiID key, bool default_val=false) const
IMGUI_API void SetBool (ImGuiID key, bool val)
IMGUI_API float GetFloat (ImGuiID key, float default_val=0.0f) const
IMGUI_API void SetFloat (ImGuiID key, float val)
IMGUI_API void * GetVoidPtr (ImGuiID key) const
IMGUI_API void SetVoidPtr (ImGuiID key, void *val)
IMGUI_API int * GetIntRef (ImGuiID key, int default_val=0)
IMGUI_API bool * GetBoolRef (ImGuiID key, bool default_val=false)
IMGUI_API float * GetFloatRef (ImGuiID key, float default_val=0.0f)
IMGUI_API void ** GetVoidPtrRef (ImGuiID key, void *default_val=NULL)
IMGUI_API void SetAllInt (int val)
IMGUI_API void BuildSortByKey ()

Public Attributes

ImVector< ImGuiStoragePairData

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