vsgImGui  0.0.0
VulkanSceneGraph 3rd party data integration library
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ImGuiSettingsHandler Struct Reference

Public Attributes

const char * TypeName
ImGuiID TypeHash
void(* ClearAllFn )(ImGuiContext *ctx, ImGuiSettingsHandler *handler)
void(* ReadInitFn )(ImGuiContext *ctx, ImGuiSettingsHandler *handler)
void *(* ReadOpenFn )(ImGuiContext *ctx, ImGuiSettingsHandler *handler, const char *name)
void(* ReadLineFn )(ImGuiContext *ctx, ImGuiSettingsHandler *handler, void *entry, const char *line)
void(* ApplyAllFn )(ImGuiContext *ctx, ImGuiSettingsHandler *handler)
void(* WriteAllFn )(ImGuiContext *ctx, ImGuiSettingsHandler *handler, ImGuiTextBuffer *out_buf)
void * UserData

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