vsgImGui  0.0.0
VulkanSceneGraph 3rd party data integration library
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vsgImGui::RenderImGui Class Reference
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Public Types

using Component = std::function< bool()>
using Components = std::list< Component >

Public Member Functions

 RenderImGui (const vsg::ref_ptr< vsg::Window > &window, bool useClearAttachments=false)
 RenderImGui (vsg::ref_ptr< vsg::Device > device, uint32_t queueFamily, vsg::ref_ptr< vsg::RenderPass > renderPass, uint32_t minImageCount, uint32_t imageCount, VkExtent2D imageSize, bool useClearAttachments=false)
template<typename... Args>
 RenderImGui (const vsg::ref_ptr< vsg::Window > &window, Args &... args)
template<typename... Args>
 RenderImGui (const vsg::ref_ptr< vsg::Window > &window, Args &... args, bool useClearAttachments)
void add (const Component &component)
Components & getComponents ()
const Components & getComponents () const
void accept (vsg::RecordTraversal &rt) const override

Member Function Documentation

◆ add()

void vsgImGui::RenderImGui::add ( const Component &  component)

add a GUI rendering component that provides the ImGui calls to render the required GUI elements.

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