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vsg::t_vec2< T > Struct Template Reference

t_vec2 template class that represents a 2D vector More...

#include <vec2.h>

Public Types

using value_type = T

Public Member Functions

constexpr t_vec2 (const t_vec2 &v)
constexpr t_vec2operator= (const t_vec2 &)=default
constexpr t_vec2 (value_type in_x, value_type in_y)
template<typename R >
constexpr t_vec2 (const t_vec2< R > &v)
constexpr std::size_t size () const
value_type & operator[] (std::size_t i)
value_type operator[] (std::size_t i) const
template<typename R >
t_vec2operator= (const t_vec2< R > &rhs)
T * data ()
const T * data () const
void set (value_type in_x, value_type in_y)
t_vec2operator+= (const t_vec2 &rhs)
t_vec2operator-= (const t_vec2 &rhs)
t_vec2operator*= (value_type rhs)
t_vec2operator*= (const t_vec2 &rhs)
t_vec2operator/= (value_type rhs)
 operator bool () const noexcept

Public Attributes

union {
   value_type   value [2]
   struct {
      value_type   x
      value_type   y
   struct {
      value_type   r
      value_type   g
   struct {
      value_type   s
      value_type   t

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct vsg::t_vec2< T >

t_vec2 template class that represents a 2D vector

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