vsg  1.1.0
VulkanSceneGraph library
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vsg::Data::Properties Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 Properties (const Properties &rhs)=default
 Properties (VkFormat in_format)
int compare (const Properties &rhs) const
Propertiesoperator= (const Properties &rhs)

Public Attributes

uint32_t stride = 0
uint8_t maxNumMipmaps = 0
uint8_t blockWidth = 1
uint8_t blockHeight = 1
uint8_t blockDepth = 1
uint8_t origin = TOP_LEFT
int8_t imageViewType = -1
 Hint for setting up texture coordinates, bit 0 x/width axis, bit 1 y/height axis, bit 2 z/depth axis. Vulkan origin for images is top left, which is denoted as 0 here.
DataVariance dataVariance = STATIC_DATA
 -1 signifies undefined VkImageViewType, if value >=0 then value should be treated as valid VkImageViewType.
AllocatorType allocatorType = ALLOCATOR_TYPE_VSG_ALLOCATOR
 hint as to how the data values may change during the lifetime of the vsg::Data.

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