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vsg::Auxiliary Class Reference

#include <Auxiliary.h>

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Public Types

using ObjectMap = std::map< std::string, vsg::ref_ptr< Object > >

Public Member Functions

std::mutex & getMutex () const
ObjectgetConnectedObject ()
const ObjectgetConnectedObject () const
virtual std::size_t getSizeOf () const
void ref () const
void unref () const
void unref_nodelete () const
unsigned int referenceCount () const
virtual int compare (const Auxiliary &rhs) const
void setObject (const std::string &key, ref_ptr< Object > object)
ObjectgetObject (const std::string &key)
const ObjectgetObject (const std::string &key) const
ref_ptr< ObjectgetRefObject (const std::string &key)
ref_ptr< const ObjectgetRefObject (const std::string &key) const

Public Attributes

ObjectMap userObjects
 container for all user objects

Protected Member Functions

 Auxiliary (Object *object)
bool signalConnectedObjectToBeDeleted ()
void resetConnectedObject ()

Protected Attributes

std::atomic_uint _referenceCount
std::mutex _mutex


class Object
class Allocator

Detailed Description

Auxiliary provides extra Object data that is rarely used, and hooks for observers.

Member Function Documentation

◆ signalConnectedObjectToBeDeleted()

bool vsg::Auxiliary::signalConnectedObjectToBeDeleted ( )

reset the ConnectedObject pointer to 0 unless the ConnectedObject referenceCount goes back above 0, return true if ConnectedObject should still be deleted, or false if the object should be kept.

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