Prototype Phase Work Plan

Vulkan & C++17 based Scene Graph Project

Prototype Phase Work Plan

The aim of the Prototype Phase, October-December 2018, is to fill out prototypes for main elements of the core VSG scene graph library, add-on libraries and test programs. These prototypes will help solidify the choices in supporting technologies used and the design and implementation approaches used.

General project infrastructure

We need to flesh out the following high level project infrastructure:

Core Scene Graph development

Core scene graph work will be primarily tackled by Robert Osfield.

Cross platform support

The initial development work has been done under Linux, with support for additional platform to be tackled in the prototype phase. Cross platform work to be led by Thomas Hogarth.

Add-on library development

Add-on libraries will provide image and 3d model loaders, and integration with 3rd party software.

Example/Testbed development

All the software developed above needs testing, so we need to continue to expand the list of test applications that can test both the API usage and runtime behaviour/performance. Testing software is the primary focus during the Prototype Phase so applications developed during just as examples will not be attempted. The test programs can still serve as examples for others to learn from. Two main places for testbed development will be: