Vulkan & C++17 based Scene Graph Project


1. Exploration Phase, June-September 2018 (completed)

Goal : Establish which technologies and broad techniques to use

Learn and experiment with Vulkan, modern C++, and possible 3rd party dependencies. Experimenting with different approaches to object/scene graph design and implementation. Exploration Phase Materials :

2. Prototype Phase, October-December 2018 (completed)

Goal : Rapid prototyping of main classes, library and test applications to establish how the scene graph API will broadly look and work.

Prototype Phase Materials:

3. Core Development Phase, 2021-early 2022 (near completion)

Goal: Create the final class interfaces and implementation

Using the prototyping work as a guide implement the final scene graph library with the aim of creating a solid interface and implementation.

Completed tasks:

Current development tasks:

4. Release Phase, Spring - Fall 2022

Goal: Test scene graph library against real-world applications and shake down the API and implementation for it’s first stable release.

Future tasks relating to associated libraries